#1 Choice for customized Multi-Step Home Care Services

We utilize a multi-step process to customize the plan of care for your unique situation and ensure we make the perfect fit. Continue reading to learn more about the Amethyst Home Care process and let us know how we can help you.

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Reach Out Today to Get Started

On your initial call, you will speak to the Director of Patient Services (RN) or an executive, who will be your main point of contact throughout the intake process. We will collect some information and answer any questions you might have. At that point, if your family is ready to take the next step, we can coordinate a free home assessment. If you aren’t, we will remain to be a resource for additional information you can return to at any time.

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Free assessment

An executive and an RN will come to your home or facility to learn as much as possible about the potential patient, home care issues, and the qualities of a Caregiver you seek. The assessment includes:

  • Medical & Medication Profile
  • Personality Profile
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Home Safety Inspection

The Assessment requires no obligation on your part. You will not be asked to sign anything at that time.

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Plan of Care

Our RN will create a customized Plan of Care to be implemented by the home care team, which the Director of Patient Services and Care Coordination team will directly oversee. The Plan of Care is created in conjunction with the potential patients’ and/or families’ recommendations. Amethyst Home Care will then coordinate with the patient’s physician to sign the medical order.

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Caregiver Match

The Amethyst Home Care Coordination team spends a great deal of time and effort evaluating your home care situation and personality requests and then carefully selects a caregiver(s) we think would be the perfect fit. For example, some people prefer someone who is talkative, while someone else might like someone a little quieter. Another example is that some people prefer someone who takes direction well, while others require someone more assertive.

If the match isn’t correct, we will find another caregiver for you. We won’t rest until we find the perfect fit.

Caregiver Introduction & Orientation

The Amethyst Home Care coordination team will explain everything about the case to any new caregiver. In addition, someone from Amethyst Home Care will come to the home to introduce and orient all new caregivers to the Plan of Care, the home environment, and the social dynamic. This increases the likelihood of a comfortable transition. The introduction is very important in putting the caregiver in a position to succeed. The first few days/weeks are crucial to the relationship’s long-term success. This is not a common practice, and we believe it is indicative of the passion we have for our work.

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Ongoing Support

Each caregiver is managed by Amethyst Home Care’s director of patient services and a care coordinator. The care coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day scheduling and care issues and serves as your dedicated account manager, taking all of your calls and getting to really know your family.

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Ongoing Supervision

Someone from Amethyst Home Care will visit the home every 2-3 weeks to ensure the plan of care is being followed properly and see if any revisions need to be made. This is another major differentiator for Amethyst Home Care.