A Detailed Overview of Our Orientation & Supervision Process


Caregiver Matching Process

Our perfect fit matching process holds the key to the success of our entire caregiving program. The first step is our free in-home assessment with an RN and a company executive. We evaluate your loved one’s physical and cognitive needs and discuss what type of personality you would like in a caregiver to help create the perfect fit.

Then during the Caregiver Introduction & Orientation we will create a customized plan of care that is that suits both you and your loved one’s needs. Our care coordination team will select a caregiver(s) with the relevant experience (ex. Alzheimer’s) and social skills to fit your lifestyle.


Caregiver Introduction & Orientation

Next, a member of our executive team from Amethyst Home Care will come to personally introduce the caregiver(s) and orient them to the plan of care, home environment, and social dynamic. This ensures that both your loved one and the whole family are comfortable with the caregiver before they start.

We’ve found that this introductory step eases the transition of a new caregiver. Therefore, putting them in the best possible position to succeed. This process is a rare practice among home care agencies and another differentiating aspect of Amethyst Home Care.

Nurse bringing him meal at care home

Ongoing Supervision

When the caregiver arrives at your home, they use our telephony system, Well Sky, to clock in for their shift. The caregiver needs to call from the home phone, which ensures they are physically there. They also use the system to clock out when finished so that you are only charged from the time the caregiver arrives until they leave. You do not pay for travel time to and from home.

An Executive from Amethyst Home Care will make regular home visits every few weeks to check in, pick up Activity Sheets for Long Term Care clients, and make sure the plan of care is being followed properly.

Care Worker Helping Senior Man To Get Up Out Of Chair

Ongoing Care Coordination

Each caregiver is overseen by both our director of patient services and a dedicated care coordinator. The care coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day scheduling and care issues and serves as your dedicated account manager, taking all of your calls and getting to really know your family.

The caregiver will also fill out an activity sheet each week and leave it in the home to be signed by either the patient or their Healthcare Proxy. We collect these activity sheets to double-check our telephony system for billable hours, add them to the permanent client record for review by the DOH, and for Long-Term Care Insurance reimbursement.