WHAT DID YOU SAY? A GUIDE TO HEARING AIDS and where to buy in Horry County

My 94 year old grandmother swears by her Costco hearing aids that she purchased at a substantial discount to leading brands available. I was curious if her hearing aids were as good, as durable, and as comfortable as the other leading brands. 

Although over-the-counter hearing aids are becoming available,  you will need to get any other hearing aid fitted by an audiologist or another hearing healthcare provider. Our Amethyst Home Care guide below can help you figure out where to get fitted for a hearing aid in Horry County and a few trusted review sites to pick the brand best for you.

Too Many Acronyms, But They All Work Well!

Due to the miniaturization of electronics, today’s hearing aids can be fit for a broad range of hearing losses in more styles and sizes than ever before. A hearing aid has three basic parts: a microphone, an amplifier and receiver. Today, these are the main Hearing Aid styles available:

BTE (Behind The Ear – Mini, Standard or Power) devices have been around for awhile and are worn with the hearing aid on top of and behind the ear. All of the parts are self-contained in a case at the back of the ear, and a sound tube leads to the ear canal with a custom mold or tip. Over recent years, they have gotten much smaller and more versatile to help with nearly every type of hearing loss. They are the easiest to use and the most reliable as they very rarely fail. When something does go wrong with a BTE, it usually is the physical controls or the microphones. The good news is that most BTE manufacturers have introduced new types of microphone covers to enclose the microphones protecting them further. 

ITE (In The Ear) devices are shaped like a half-shell or full-shell.  These are custom-made devices where all of the electronics are inside a device that fits into your ear; they come in many sizes and can be CIC (completely in Canal) or IIC (Invisible in Canal). IIC is a custom-fitted style inserted farther into the ear canal than other styles, so it’s completely invisible when worn.

RIC (Receiver In Canal) and RITE (Receiver In The Ear) devices are similar in concept to BTE hearing aids, with the exception that the receiver (the speaker) has been removed from the case that sits behind the ear. It is fitted in your ear canal or ear and connected to the case of the hearing aid with a thin wire. The devices have become very popular because they are versatile fitting many types of hearing loss and are very discreet. 

MIH (Microphone In Helix) only available from Resound and Beltone

Hearing Aid Brand Reviews

Hearing aids can be pricey and can range from $1000 up to more than $4000 for each device depending on the level of technology. Most people with hearing loss need to purchase two hearing aids (devices), and most insurance does not cover the cost. AudioHelp has a 12 month interest-free financing on hearing aids. To see if you are eligible for low-cost hearing aids, you may call the following organizations:  Starkey Hearing Foundation 1(800) 328-8602 and AUDIENT, An Alliance for Accessible Hearing Care:1(866) 956-5400  

According to Consumer Reports, a trusted nonprofit consumer product research organization, my dad’s Costco/Kirkland hearing aids had the best review! To access more reviews of hearing aids, link below the various organizations.

Tune in to the best hearing aids. Digital hearing aids such as behind-the-ear and completely-in-the-canal models have pros and cons you should know about. View CR ratings and reviews and browse their buying guide to find the best hearing aid brand and retailer for you.

They have compared some of the top hearing aids for 2022. Here’s their list of the 8 top-rated based on factors such as price and affordability, quality and features, effectiveness, and value for money.

  • Caring.com
      • Their team spent 450+ hours researching, conducting hands-on testing, and consulting with experts to determine the hearing aids available today.

To find the best hearing aids in a variety of categories, the Forbes Health editorial team consulted a panel of three audiologists for product recommendations based on their expertise. Star ratings were then determined by the Forbes Health editorial team based on average price and product features that are typically important to hearing aid wearers.


A hearing test by an Audiologist should not be something to fear as it is just an evaluation of your ability to hear. It is not a test you pass or fail. The hearing test appointment will usually last about one and a half hours and includes several different smaller tests that allow a professional to understand the reasons you are having hearing loss.

The Hearing Test

  • Examination of the ear and auditory canal, including video otoscopy
  • Case history – questions about your health and hearing history
  • Full audiometric hearing assessment that will include pure tone testing, middle ear testing and possibly speech testing in quiet and noise.
  • Explanation and discussion of outcome
  • Impartial advice on the best hearing aid options for you                                           

Where To Get Tested for Hearing Aids

Audiologists and ENT Doctors

 Horry County


Pamela S. Benbow, AUD

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