12-Hour Shifts

There is a significant cost break when moving from Hourly Care to a 12-Hour Shift. Once a client’s needs surpass 8-9 hours per day, this option can make financial sense. A 12-Hour Shift can be used for both day and night coverage.

Day Shift

A 12-Hour Day Shift normally starts between 7-9 AM, which generally provides coverage from when the patient wakes up until they go to bed. This allows for coverage during the busiest time of the day. If there is a family member, who works while serving as the primary caregiver, this option allows them to go to work without rushing the morning routine or rushing home in the evening to prepare a meal. Meanwhile, the patient is comfortably taken care of throughout the day.

Night Shift

A 12-hour night shift typically starts between 7-9 PM and covers the evening routine, the time the patient or primary caregiver sleeps, and the morning routine. This is particularly useful for patients suffering from restlessness and insomnia at night due to the adverse effects of dementia. It is also helpful for patients requiring ambulation assistance to get to and from the bathroom frequently at night. The additional assistance allows the spouse to get much-needed uninterrupted sleep knowing their loved one is being taken care of properly.